About Brooke

“A horse and trainer have to work as a team. You get to know the horse, and they start to relax and have a good time with the training. We start in the round pen. “
~Brooke Myers, age 10, Next Level Horsemanship™

Brooke Myers, age 11, has shadowed her mother, Suzanne Myers, Next Level Horsemanship™, since she was 3 years old. Now, she is a young horse trainer of her own. Brooke is a BIG talent in a SMALL package!

Brooke earned the Reserve Grand Championship, Youth Division, in the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede, Murfreesboro, TN, at the age of 9…she competed with horse trainers from throughout the country and was the youngest participant to ever achieve this honor. With her Award winnings, she bought Jacuzzi, the Mustang who shared her win.

Brooke now uses her “lifetime” of experience with horses to train them in Next Level Horsemanship™ for clients. She also assists with both adult and youth lessons at clinics. She is active in marketing and promoting Next Level Horsemanship™ with her mother, Suzanne Myers.

Since first grade, Brooke has been on the Distinguished Honor Roll at school, she is high point in accelerated reader competitions. She plays trombone and guitar and loves to read, “I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books and know everything about them!” Brooke says proudly. She also likes to keep active with physical activities like running in addition to horse training.

When asked to describe how she feels about NLH™ training, Brooke says one word with a big smile, “Bliss!”

Brooke is especially fond of her own pony, Apple Gray, and the Mustang she is now training, Jacuzzi. Brooke and Apple Gray have been a “team” since she was 3 years old.