Equine Masters Challenge

Win Cash and Prizes!

Equine Masters Challenge
A true equestrian challenge – a competition for all breeds and people of any discipline…a showcase of Partnership, Performance and Possibilities with Horses!

The Equine Masters Challenge is an entertaining and competitive event comprised of preliminary classes of team challenges, pattern work, a versatility course, and liberty and in-hand work.  Finalists will compete in a musical freestyle of their choosing.   Prizes are awarded in both the preliminary classes and freestyle components.

The Equine Masters Challenge is the best way to have FUN with your horse and walk away with CASH and great PRIZES!  Showcase your skills in Partnership, and Performance!

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Equine Masters Challenge Competition




A premiere challenge and showcase for all breeds and riders of any discipline, the Equine Masters Challenge will test competitors’ horsemanship skills and underscore the commonalities of true horsemanship among various disciplines.

The Equine Masters Challenge is a test of horsemanship versatility and skills on the backdrop of “reality” based challenges. A thrill for both participants and spectators!

“Those who have participated in the Equine Masters Challenge have had so much fun in the spirit of competition. The interest in this event is growing and we’re enjoying the camaraderie among horse enthusiasts…whether they participate in the competition or are part of the audience.”

Over $5000.00 in CASH and PRIZES this year!

All entries take a prize!

Equine Masters Challenge Champion receives…
Cash, Prizes, and an EMC belt buckle

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Equine Masters Challenge, Saturday August 1, 2015:

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