Having Fun with Mustangs!

Do you ever feel like you just really want to either jam out to your radio or your ipod while you are riding your horse and plan out a freestyle? Sounds good, well I just did that on my pony Apple Gray last night and it was really fun!  We accomplished so much!!  There are two really awesome teachers at my school, Port Matilda elementary and when we had our Open House hear at Next Level HorsemanshipTM they came and watched me do a lot of things with my horse!  Then both of them said “Why don’t we go horseback riding with Brooke?”  Also they still have yet to come over due to bad weather.

This past weekend the NLHTM team went to the Ag Arena in Penn State and performed with our mustangs.  We did a freestyle, all three of us told our story with our mustangs, then we did a ‘meet and treat’ and that is when all of the kids and adults came down off from the bleachers to the ring to meet and give the horses treats!

So, see ya next time! ~Brooke