Learning with Mustangs
Horsemanship is not merely a matter of bodily skills, but is based on scholarship and, therefore, is a matter of the mind and intellect. Good horsemanship is based on proper character development and, therefore, is also a matter of mentality and spirit. Without the correct attitudes and insights, there cannot be the right sport.~Charles de Kunffy

For the past two weekends Next Level Horsemanship™ was given the opportunity to showcase our diverse horse knowledge, experiences and training program with our American Mustang Team; Jazz, Durango and Jacuzzi . After reading the book Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls, members of the Schlow Centre Region Library Centre County Reads Group contacted us about our involvement with gentling wild mustangs.

We were selected to share our experiences and insight about the mustangs over two weekends with an educational lecture followed by a live mustang demonstration. The first segment was the educational lecture held at the Schlow Library on Jan.23rd at State College, PA which covered aspects of the Mustangs history and our involvement with training and adopting mustangs and the second component was a live mustang demonstration with our personal mustangs held at the Penn State University’s Agricultural Arena on Jan. 29th, University Park, PA.

Of course, unpredictable winter weather came knocking at our door the day of our live mustang demo and we were unsure if we would even make it to the Arena, but we could not live with disappointing any waiting spectators. As you might know, cowgirls are a bit stubborn and determined, so we saddled up and endured the winter road conditions, truck, trailer, 3 mustangs and all. When we finally arrived to our destination we were astonished to be welcomed by over 400 other determined people! We are still so ecstatic over the number of people who attended our live mustang demonstration.

This Demonstration I have to say has been one of my favorite events thus far. We have traveled many places with our mustangs and have crossed roads with numerous people who have either owned a mustang, or are just fascinated by them. But, it was a true gift to have shared our mustangs with the local supporters that took the time to learn about our training program this past weekend. You could say we like to “show off” with our mustangs, and we do  but only because we are so are proud of their achievements, versatility, and unique character. Their talent communicates the effectiveness of our training program.

There were so many special moments during our time at the Ag Arena, and with the gracious amount of applauding and cheering throughout our opening riding freestyle and our trick training demo I wish we could have been there all day! It’s hard to believe Next Level Horsemanship™ only became involved with the mustangs a little over 2 years ago, and for me only 1 year ago! It goes to show that our boys really do put as much heart as we do into our events.
The Next Level Horsemanship™ team and horses enjoy every minute with the crowd and always make one on one time to interact with everyone. It amazed me to see the connection between our horses and the variety of participants. It is promising that our training demos always attract new Next Level Horsemanship™ clients.

The quote stated above reflects how Next Level Horsemanship™ is structured by knowledge, experience, heart and attitude, and how this dual event planned by the Schlow Library let us convey all that our training program has to offer. ~Lauren