Jacuzzi and Brooke

Brooke Myers is a big talent in a small package!

Since her first memories, she has followed her mother, Suzanne Myers, M.S., Ph.D., founder of Next Level Horsemanship™, in her horse training duties. At age 3 Brooke was given her own pony, Apple Gray, who is still at the farm and ridden by Brooke.

In 2008, Suzanne Myers won the Midwest Mustang Challenge with Jazz, a wild Mustang. She was the first woman to ever win that event. Receiving a wild Mustang that had never even been touched, having 90 days to gentle it and train it, then travel back to Madison, WI, to show what training skills the Mustang had learned in front of a large and loud crowd in an arena, was a challenge in itself. Fifty-six trainers from all around the country participated…Suzanne and Jazz WON!

One year later, Brooke wanted to do the same thing with a wild Mustang. At the age of 9, and with her parents’ encouragement, Brooke received her first wild mustang after a friend and fellow competitor hauled them in from a holding facility in Ewing, Illinois. Each Mustang was assigned to competitors by random draw so Brooke didn’t know what mustang she was going to receive! Brooke would have to train her mustang, who she later named Jacuzzi, in groundwork to prepare for the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede, Murfreesboro, TN. Jacuzzi was a yearling at that time.

“A horse and trainer have to work as a team,” says Brooke confidently. “You get to know the horse, and they start to relax and have a good time with the training. We started in the round pen. I didn’t want Jacuzzi to be scared.”

Brooke is quick to point out that Jacuzzi needed to learn fast that she was “the boss”.

“Jacuzzi was very curious. I was able to touch him after about 3 to 5 days of working with him in the round pen. The favorite part for me and him together besides the training was brushing him. He liked that!,” she says smiling.

“We worked really hard, accomplishing training things was exciting, “Brooke explains. “We did some freestyle groundwork, then I would put my hands up and Jacuzzi would come to me and put his head on my stomach. We became such a strong team fast, he looks forward to us working together.”

In November, Brooke, her parents, and the Next Level Horsemanship™ training team, traveled to the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede, Murfreesboro, TN, for the competition. The big moment arrived and Brooke and Jacuzzi entered the arena where a sold out crowd watched her compete. One by one, Brooke and Jacuzzi performed the training that they had done together for 90 days…and, they WON the Reserve Championship in the Youth Division!!!! At age 9, Brooke was the youngest participant to ever win that honor! The crowd went WILD!!! None more than her parents Suzanne and Glenn Myers, and the NLH™ team!

Oh, and Jacuzzi? Well, Brooke bought him with money she had saved from working at NLH™, and he is with her at the farm continuing his training. Now Brooke is teaching him the basics of horsemanship under saddle. When asked how she likes riding Jacuzzi after spending over a year perfecting groundwork with him Brooke smiles and replies…”SWEET!”

Brooke now trains horses with her mother for Next Level Horsemanship™. She has always been on the Distinguished Honor Roll at school and knows the importance of education. Brooke plays the trombone and guitar and loves to read, “I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books and know everything about them!” Brooke says proudly. She also likes to keep active with physical activities like running in addition to horse training.

Asked to describe how she feels about horse training, Brooke smiles and says one word…”BLISS!”

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