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Performance…like you’ve never known before!
Possibilities…for a lifetime together with your horse.

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2017 Clinic Schedule
April 8th – Horsemanship Clinic
June 10th – Reining and Versatility Clinic
July 29th – Horsemanship Clinic
August 12th – Reining and Versatility Clinic
September 30th – Horsemanship Clinic

What to expect at Suzanne’s Clinics:

Clinics with Suzanne Myers will help you and your horse get to the Next Level. We’ll find your starting point and help you to move beyond with specific exercises that address your individual needs.

The broad-based, versatile and cross disciplined approach of Suzanne’s program has proven time and again to amaze participants of every level with the results they see in their horses.  Our clinics:

  • Expose the gaps in training and build or repair the foundation for advanced horsemanship
  • Reveal the secrets to getting results in different disciplines
  • Demystify the techniques of advanced maneuvers
  • Prove effective for maximizing Performance and Partnership
  • Build your skills in the timing, feel and balance needed for success
  • Teach you how to speak your horse’s language for more effective communication and responsiveness
  • Develop your confidence by building awareness.

Horsemanship Clinics:

Are you having trouble with your horse in a specific area? Maybe you both get along but just can’t seem to improve beyond a specific point. If these scenarios sound familiar, then our horsemanship clinics are just what you need to get back on track and accelerate your training.

Horsemanship clinics with Suzanne are designed to help you through specific hurdles and outline clear and specific exercises for improving beyond your current level of riding. We focus on both ground work and riding exercises to improve your relationship and performance in-hand and under saddle. When you complete the horsemanship clinics, you will have a plan for continued progress from that point forward.

Not sure if this clinic fits your needs? Contact Suzanne to discuss your specific issues to help you decide.

Reining and Versatility Clinics:

Our reining and versatility clinics are designed to teach the fundamentals of the reining pattern and the details of execution of each maneuver. Whether you just want to learn a new discipline or are serious about showing, this clinic can help you get started with success. The reining clinics are equally suitable for those looking to just build versatility in their horse. Specific exercises for improving your horse’s ability to perform more maneuvers will be demonstrated including exercises for improved suppleness and lateral work, lead departures and flying changes, turn on the forehand and hindquarters among others. This clinic is for those who are ready to try something new or to dig deeper into developing the well-trained horse.

Clinic Details

Participants may opt for one or two days (Saturday and/or Sunday). Fee is $175/day or $300 for both days. Overnight stall fee is $20/horse (includes hay and shavings). Auditors are welcome at $25/person. All children 12 and under may enter free.
Clinic will begin at 9:00 AM and go until 4:00 pm. Lunch will be provided between Noon and 1:00pm. All participants must provide proof of negative coggins for their horses and a current insurance card for themselves. Standard releases (liability waivers) are required of all participants and will be provided upon arrival. Participants need only bring what tack and supplies they need for their horses throughout the day (grain/hay/brushes/etc.) Your host will provide fresh water, hay, and shavings for overnight guests (included in stall fee).
To register, submit a clinic registration form and a deposit of $50 to Next Level Horsemanship at 790 Shady Dell Road, Port Matilda PA 16870 at least 2 weeks prior to the clinic date.  All deposits are NON-Refundable.