Lessons & Leasing

Lease to Ride, Lease to Learn.

How long has it been since you have had FUN with a horse?

Are you missing something in your life? Are you longing for the relationship with horses you once had or that you’ve dreamed about for so long?

We’ll make your dreams come true!

If you’re looking to learn to RIDE Better than Ever – we can help you improve your skills with fun lessons.

If you just want to ride on your own you can do that too!

Lease one of our horses today and treat yourself to the chance to experience horsemanship in your life once again.

Our horses are uniquely suited to help you fulfill your dreams because each one has the training of the Next Level Horsemanship™ Program behind it.  Our horses are ready for you to enjoy!

Leasing a horse is the perfect avenue to experience ownership without the financial commitment.  It’s also an excellent way to develop horsemanship skills, interact with others interested in horses, and enjoy equine activities while on a restricted schedule and/or budget.  Ride it like you own it with a lease!  

{filelink=9} our brochure for more information!

Meet ‘Jack’, an American Mustang and a leasing partner available for YOU!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet your new best friend!

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