Share Your Horse Love Story!

If you own a horse, you have a special love story…just like we do! We want to hear from YOU! Write your special love story about you and your horse… how this horse has brought love into your life. Word limit is 500 words…also, submit one photo of you and your horse. Must provide your full name, address, and email address with each submission. If your story is selected you will win an NLH™ T-Shirt! Please send all entries to, winners will be chosen monthly.


For the Love of a wild Mustang…

This month we have two special SYHLS for you to enjoy. With the upcoming Mustang Makeover this month in New Jersey, NLHTM, interns Anna Jacob and Sarah Dengler share some special words about the mustangs they have gentled over the past 90 days. Looking back on the work they have done with these horses, they reflect on where they started and how far they have come…  Read More >>