thanks for the excellent start that you gave him.

Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to send out a thank you for all the good training you put on my mustang, Caliente. He is turning out to be an amazing horse. Cal is very soft and willing and he has a beautiful lope. Thanks for the excellent start that you gave him.

~Linda B., Rebuck, PA

I couldn’t imagine a better horse.

Winnie was absolutely perfect this weekend, I got to take her out on rides Sunday and Monday and she did great! She did everything I asked of her, was fine with the other horses on the trail and didn’t give me any issues. She went everywhere, through everything I pointed her at and even played in the river.

She was an absolute dream! Thank you so much for working with her. I couldn’t imagine a better horse. Everyone was so impressed on how well she was doing and I am so happy with her.

I appreciate everything you’ve done and given me a horse that I can trust and bond with.

~Hanna H., Paterson, New Jersey

I can’t imagine a better experience.

From the minute I arrived, Suzanne and her interns made me feel like family. We began immediately to work hard on my goals. After each lesson I left drenched in sweat but very satisfied with my accomplishments. I can’t imagine a better experience!

~Anita Wells, State College, PA

it was the best decision I could have possibly made.

Many of us in the horse world have the same story; we grew up with a deep passion for these magnificent creatures. That passion had to be placed on the back burner as adult life and children took all of our time and energy. Once we reached the stage of the “empty nest” we were ready to rekindle that passion and do something about it. Our first horse arrived on the scene and we soon realized that we were older and less willing to get hurt, as well as ill-equipped to mold this new horse into the well behaved companion we had dreamed of. Unfortunately, most horses come to us as very young and inexperienced or as horses that have been sitting in a pasture for years without being ridden. Neither scenario provides a well -mannered, safe horse for the novice.

Soon after acquiring my beautiful, 9 year old Rocky Mountain Horse, I discovered that he was one of those who had sat in a pasture and was quite “green” in many ways. I needed help and was fortunate enough to hear of Suzanne Myers from Next Level Horsemanship. I moved Finn to her facility in Port Matilda and quickly found that it was the best decision I could have possibly made. The gelding that I was ready to give up on was very quickly transformed into the relaxed horse that is so typical of his breed. Suzanne and her team of interns worked with Finn 5 days of the week for several months to teach him ground manners and ground work. Finn was taught how to be ridden, and eventually, developed into a very responsive and willing riding partner. Part of Suzanne’s training involves exposing the horse to the trail as well as desensitizing with the help of tarps, plastic bags and many other assorted items. Today, Finn is a very confident horse and I am a much more confident horse owner and rider. I would never have been able to get to this point with Finn on my own. I have the horse of my dreams and am eternally grateful to Suzanne and her team!

~Jill. C. State College, PA

…the change in him and our relationship is unbelievable.

I sent my horse to Next Level Horsemanship in the spring of 2012.  I had bought him four years prior supposedly trained to ride and drive, but I quickly discovered he didn’t have any foundation in riding.  He was very spooky under saddle, didn’t understand leg or rein pressure and when he got nervous, he would bolt and buck me off.  All of these incidents had completely destroyed my confidence.  When Suzanne took him, my relationship with my horse had deteriorated to the point where I really wasn’t sure it could be saved.

I couldn’t be happier with the training he received at Next Level Horsemanship.  Suzanne and Anna (NLH intern) re-started him with all the basics and progressed to riding when they felt he was ready.  Then when the time was right, I rode him also and they worked with me to regain my confidence.  Most importantly, they taught me how to communicate effectively with my horse.  The change in him and our relationship is unbelievable!  He’s like a different horse.  In addition, Suzanne has been incredibly accommodating in allowing me to return for additional lessons and training.  It feels great to be having fun with my horse again!

I was totally ready to give up on my horse, and I am so glad that I didn’t.  My only regret is that I didn’t send him to Next Level Horsemanship earlier.

~Shannon J. Milesburg, PA

…it almost takes your breath away.

A few months ago I brought Blaze to Suzanne for training. We both had problems … I was too timid with Blaze and he had a stubborn streak along with a built-in panic button and the two combined were not a good combination – for either of us.

At first, Suzanne started Blaze with some “basic” training and I watched. I learned how important ground work was to our relationship. I watched how she moved, how Blaze reacted, how she counter-reacted, how he panicked, how she persisted and how he eventually relaxed. It was amazing to watch … both of them.

After Blaze had the basics down pat, it was my turn. Communication! Something I did not have before. I gave cues and sometimes they were taken … and sometimes not. I learned how to cue Blaze, how to interpret his reactions, when to apply more pressure, how to be consistent and finally digesting that I must be the leader … always!

In the last few months, I’ve learned that every horse and every person are different … and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. There is no “set” program to Next Level Horsemanship. Suzanne evaluates your horse … and she evaluates “you,” and where you and your horse are at this point. Then she develops a plan that can bring the two of you together to become the team that every horse and rider dream to have.

Suzanne’s expertise with horses is truly amazing to watch – the communication can be seen instantly – it almost takes your breath away!

Julie D. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

…she was born to communicate with horses.

I met Suzanne in 2003.  I needed help finishing my 3 year old colt’s training and the woman I bought the colt from recommended Suzanne.  Suzanne has a natural, relaxed way with horses and they trust her.  I think she was born to communicate with horses and teach others their language.

A few years later I gave up riding after a series of back sprains that left me unable to get up into the saddle.  I couldn’t convince myself to give up horses completely so I bought myself a couple of miniatures horses to love.

After a year free of back pain I started thinking about riding again, but it wasn’t until my sons girlfriend Janelle told me about her lifelong dream of owning and riding a horse that I thought about it seriously.

When we decided to start looking for a horse to share I contacted Suzanne for her advice on choosing the right horse for us.  We were excited to learn that there was a horse at NLH that was looking for a home.  After handling and riding Diva we were definitely interested, but were afraid she was out of our price range.

Suzanne contacted Divas owner for us and we waited to hear whether or not Diva would be our new horse.  Based on Suzanne’s recommendation, Divas owner Rhiannon offered Diva to us at no cost.  We get to love her and care for her knowing that for any reason we can no longer keep Diva she will always have a home with Rhiannon.

We are so grateful for the opportunity, and want to thank Suzanne and Rhiannon for their trust.


Anne Welch and Janelle Wilson, Phillipsburg, Pa

…I couldn’t have been more pleased with his training

A number of years ago, I met Suzanne at a training clinic. I was so happy to know there was someone in my area who used the training methods that I like. Not only did she use these methods, but she was an expert at them. As I watched her throughout that clinic, I was so impressed with her ability and the results she was able to achieve working with a horse.

When it came time to start my young gelding, I decided that at my age and ability, I would not be able to do the job on my own. I called Suzanne and made an appointment for Teige to train with Suzanne. Both Suzanne and Lauren worked with Teige and the results were absolutely wonderful. In such a short time, they were able to turn my impetuous youngster into a confident and willing mount. I couldn’t have been more pleased with his training.

Last year, it was time to start my filly. Shannon is a horse who I planned on taking over as my main riding horse to replace my aging mares. Since Shannon was born, we have had a wonderful relationship together and I wanted that to last for a long time. I wanted her started on the best possible foundation and so of course, I called Suzanne. Shannon came home with all the same qualities and abilities that Teige did. She knows her groundwork down pat and was willing to do whatever was asked even if it was something new or that she was unsure of. She is turning into the wonderful horse I envisioned.

This year, I asked my husband for a big treat since we are going to be moving out of the area. Of course he said yes. My big treat is to send Shannon back for further training with Suzanne. As I said, Shannon is going to be my long term horse. I’m thrilled that she will be able to refine and expand her abilities under Suzanne’s instruction. It really will be a treat to have such a well trained horse to ride, one that I can trust to be steady, confident, respectful, and have the ability to do all that I need her to do.

A sure foundation is important in any area. That’s what I wanted for my horses and I knew that Suzanne’s training ability would provide what my horses need. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone for whatever training is needed, whether starting a young horse, correcting problems, or taking a horse to the next level.  Thank you!

Shawn M., Centre Hall, PA

…the results are amazing.

“I’d ridden all my life but I wasn’t communicating satisfactorily with my 6 year old Warmblood mare, Dory. After a year, things weren’t improving. My horse wasn’t moving off my leg, she wasn’t engaged with the bit, she was stiff and temperamental. Although I was jumping her, it felt more like luck than ability. There was something missing and I needed help. I’d visited Next Level HorsemanshipTM with a horse savvy friend who recommended I bring Dory there for training. I’d always valued this friend’s recommendations so I wasn’t surprised this training program sounded perfect. I scheduled a meeting with Suzanne Myers, we discussed my issues, formulated goals and I eagerly jumped in. In 7 weeks, the results are amazing! Dory is forward, balanced, flexible, obedient and pleasant. Now I am being trained, too, and discovering precisely what it was I couldn’t articulate but knew was missing. I can’t recommend the Next Level HorsemanshipTM training program highly enough. Thank you so much Suzanne, Lauren & Brooke!!!”

Paula C., State College, PA


…Suzanne has ‘the gift’ when working with a horse.

“Suzanne has ‘the gift’ when working with a horse….it is more a phenomenal talent…it comes from deep within her.”

“Finding a horse trainer…what a pain! All of our lives we’ve ridden and trained other people’s horses and it never occurred to us that one day we would not be able to do it anymore. When the time came, we were faced with a tremendous dilemma…finding a good horse trainer. While chatting with another old-timer about not being able to ride young stock anymore, he said we had to meet Suzanne Myers. He went on raving about the great job she did on a young horse of his and just could not say enough good things about her abilities with a horse. Once meeting Suzanne, you’ll find yourself completely at ease and get that ‘knowing feeling’ that you are face to face with the ‘real deal’. So far she has worked with six of our horses, everything from totally untrained two year olds to mature animals needing a tune-up. After 60 days they are right where we need them to be to continue to work with them at home. Understand that our horses are used in our work with handicapped riders, and need a good solid foundation. Suzanne has ‘the gift’ when working with a horse….it is more a phenomenal talent…it comes from deep within her. Her soft touch, easy mannerisms, feel, timing and balance enable her to get the most out of an animal. Some trainers think they have it and they can make a horse work, with Suzanne, it is different because the horses willingly work for her. The horses she has trained for us are not all “pussy cats” to begin with…some needed a real attitude adjustment. Being a superior all-around horse person, she is able to take the horse, evaluate its needs and abilities, and through her skilled training techniques develop a good using horse. Suzanne, you are one of the best! Suzanne has integrity and is an honest person.”

Ben (former executive secretary, PA State Horse Racing Commission) and Shirley Nolt, Owners, Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association (CATRA), Grantville, PA

…I never imagined that a horse could learn so much.

“I brought a very green colt to you, and two months later I brought home a broke horse. I never imagined that a horse could learn so much in that amount of time.”

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Nugget. You taught him so much in the two months he spent with you. I have had other horses with some very accomplished trainers, but I am absolutely amazed at what my colt learned from you. I really feel that I more than got my money’s worth. I brought a very green colt to you, and two months later I brought home a broke horse. I never imagined that a horse could learn so much in that amount of time. The fact that he is so broke shows just how much time you spent with him. I also appreciate how quiet he is which attests to your ability and talent. Thank you so much for riding my colt and taking him to the level he is at. Because of you, I have a well trained, quiet, responsive colt to enjoy.”
Many thanks,

Denise H., Indiana, PA

…I just wanted to thank you.

“I am able to now feel when I need to be more pro-active to get her mind to work. When she is unsure and gets excited, I am able to effectively flex or yield her hindquarters to get her to relax.”

“I just wanted to thank-you. Last May your clinic provided me with the tools I needed to enhance my communication with Goldie. I wasn’t able to ride nearly as much as I wanted to last summer. This summer, I have been able to trail ride almost every weekend. We were able to pick up right where we left off. I was able to keep up with basic groundwork. It sure has paid off this year. Our first ride of the year was very uneventful and even relaxing. I am able to now feel when I need to be more pro-active to get her mind to work. When she is unsure and gets excited, I am able to effectively flex or yield her hindquarters to get her to relax. I just keep her working when I feel that she is about to come unglued. Somehow, we both managed to remember most of what we learned last year. “

Vicki L. and Goldie, State College, PA

…the wonderful job you’ve done.

“I really feel that this is going to change so much for Zip and me and that it is really possible my girls will now be able to more confidently enjoy her too.”

I was SO happy after my lesson with you and Zip on Friday. It was like I was on another planet when I left the barn! I really feel that this is going to change so much for Zip and me and that it is really possible my girls will now be able to more confidently enjoy her too. Thanks so much to you, Lauren, your little girl, and all your helpers for the wonderful job you’ve done in turning her around so nicely. I really appreciate it.”

…and a follow-up note

…how much this has changed my life.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much fun I am having with Zip! I was slightly apprehensive that when I got her back home she’d turn back into problematic grumpy mare, and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the program so to speak but it is going really well so far. I am continuing to work on the “basic 4” and other groundwork you taught me before riding and then have also laid her down after a few times much to my own amazement and that of the other people at our barn. Even in her stall and around other horses in the barn, Zip seems more content and purposeful, easier to be with. Actually she is really a joy to be around.

I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life to be able to work with Zip and feel that she is pleasant, engaged, flexible, more confident and respectful. And also to have learned ways to have a new level of confidence in working with her has significantly improved my own confidence.

When I sent Zip to you for training I was hoping that it would make a difference in riding her of course, but I couldn’t have anticipated how much of a difference it has made for me. It’s sort of like having a new horse with all the good qualities and potential that the original Zip had while also adding to my own knowledge of horses and how to get the most out of my time with them. I look forward to the evenings to leave work and ride and it is such a wonderful way to share time with my kids, relieve stress, enjoy being outside. I actually find myself daydreaming about going riding!
What is especially fun and rewarding is also being able to more safely share Zip with my daughters. Grace took a lesson on Zip last week and it went wonderfully. Our hope is that she will be able to ride and show Zip and use her for Pony Club.

Other boarders at the barn who knew Zip before she came to you, and who see her now, are truly impressed by the difference in her and several have told me how they can see how much happiness it has brought to me. It’s my pleasure to give you the credit for what really is a miraculous turn around. I really appreciate all that you and Lauren and Brooke did to help our family be able to enjoy this beautiful mare, to understand her and our relationship with her better, and to help her to be a happier horse.”

All the best,

Maggie B., State College, PA

…of winning the Midwest Mustang Challenge, Madison, WI, 2009

“Suzanne and Jazz had a routine that showed control, finesse, and the trainability that we were looking for in these Mustangs.”

Suzy Jeane, Valley View, TX
Head Judge, Midwest Mustang Challenge, Madison, WI – 2009

“The slender blonde from Port Matilda PA, wowed the crowd of more than 8,000 spectators at the sold out Midwest Horse Fair riding the American Mustang, Jazz, to Craig Morgan’s “Little Bit of Life”.”

Julie Bryant, President, Latigo Associates, Fort Worth, TX – 2009