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The NLH Training Program is Performance oriented and Partnership driven to maximize the Possibilities for you and your horse.

Next Level Horsemanship is a unique and proven effective horsemanship program created by Suzanne Myers, M.S., Ph.D.

The NLH Program places a strong emphasis on establishing a Partnership between you and your horse, and developing the Performance that you have been looking for so that you can Ride…Better than Ever!

Your Dream Horse is the One You Have Now…

It Can Be True With Next Level Horsemanship Training.

“We prepare horses for excellence in any discipline and encourage within them, a will to perform by strengthening the horse/human bond, ” says Suzanne. “Horse training isn’t complete without teaching the handlers what the horse has learned and the importance of timing, feel and balance for advanced horsemanship.”

The NLH Program defines a unique and broad-based learning experience for your horse. It combines the best of both classical and natural horsemanship training techniques for amazing results.

Next Level Horsemanship offers:
Horse Training                             Personal Appearances
Private Clinics                              Demonstrations
Group Clinics                               Student Externships
Boarding/Leasing                        Mustang gentling and adoption assistance

From heavily imprinted horses to wild or feral horses, the Next Level Horsemanship program works – improving both the Partnership with your horse, and the Performance and responsiveness you want from him as an equine athlete. The NLH program has proven effective under the most challenging horse behaviors and, through the most varied training scenarios.

“We believe in preserving the natural spirit of the horse throughout the training process and in the assessment of each horse as an individual during its training,” explains Suzanne Myers, founder of NLH. “We use the horse’s natural means of communicating with each other to establish ourselves as effective, and trusted leaders. Ultimately we develop a respectful and powerful level of communication between horse and handler which results in a true partnership and enhanced performance. With a thorough and consistent training program we build positive relations between horse and rider that will last a lifetime.”

Horses come to the Next Level Horsemanship training facility, near State College, PA, for training. Here, handlers also learn training techniques through 3 and 5 day group clinics or during private clinics. Each NLH clinic provides an entertaining, broad-based, and dynamic learning experience for participants with one-on-one instruction. Horse enthusiasts can also attend the clinics and learn from observing NLH techniques without bringing their own horses.

Suzanne Myers has over 25 years of professional experience training horses. She and the NLH team have worked with some of the toughest horses, including wild mustangs, with a 100% success rate.

Suzanne and the NLH team have performed clinics and demonstrations at many prestigious expos including Equine Affaire, MA; Midwest Horse Fair, WI; the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo, Indiana; and the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest of its kind in the world, Harrisburg, PA, just to name a few. They have also presented informative seminars at locations including The Horse World Expo, Harrisburg, PA, and Equine Affaire, MA, and for other professional organizations.

Horses and riders have been trained in the NLH program from throughout the United States.

Next Level Horsemanship
Improve Your Horse. Improve Your Life.